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Online Purchasing Agreement of MyCard Points

Online Purchasing Agreement of MyCard Points

Copyright Announcement: 2019, All rights reserved by Soft-World International Co.

The following is the "Online Purchasing Agreement of MyCard Points" (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") of Soft-World International Co. (Government Uniform Invoice number: 81231585, hereinafter referred to as the "We").

When you use the service of online purchasing MyCard points (as “the Service”), this Agreement shows about your rights, obligation, and applicable condition and clause, as well as our duty and obligation, please read in detail to protecting your rights and interests. The Parties agree to use electronic document for contract which with the same effect in writing. As you push the button of “Agree”, it’s mean that you agree and will comply with the content and rule of the Agreement. Furthermore, we have the right to add, amend or delete the content of the Agreement at any time, and you agree we could not to inform individually. After adding, amending or deleting of the Agreement and you also continue to use the Service, it’s deemed to that you agree and accept the addition, amendment or deletion of the Agreement. Please inquire regularly about the website of the Service.

Clause 1. Purchase Notes

If you are under the age of 18, you need your statutory agent or special agent appointed by the court to read in detail, understand and agree all of the content and any alteration or amendment of the Agreement, and you can use or continue to use the Service. When you use or continue to use the Service, it's deemed to that your statutory agent or special agent appointed by the court has read, understood and accepted the content of the Agreement.

Clause 2. Provide Personal Information

For providing the Service, We will ask you to provide the information as below due to different type of payment:

  • 1.True Name
  • 2.ID Number
  • 3.E-mail
  • 4.Cellphone Number
  • 5.Phone Number
  • 6.Credit Card Number
  • 7.Address

You shall update your above information at any time if there is any alternation. In the event your information is not true, we could suspend or terminate your right of using the Service at any time. Furthermore, if you trade in false and improper manner, we could reserve the right to cease your right of using the Service.

Clause 3. Account and Secret Code

The User shall protect and avoid disclosing the personal information, payment information (including credit card data) and the secret code of member. The above information and secret code you have provided, it’s an important authentication basis for the consumer to use the Service for transactions. We will use the information you provided as a basis to authenticate the company, reserve the record of transaction, send the message of authentication, inform the member message or active message, or charge the usage fee in the future. You have the obligation to put your identity information for safekeeping, and shall not to disclose to any third party.

Clause 4. The Service and Restrictions

All the electromagnetic records within the Service website are belonged to us. If the server overloading and result in the server could not record, you agree us to reset the server, as well as restore the information to the state before the server are not overloaded.For providing better quality of the Service, when the hardware equipment are needed to change or adjust, you agree us could transfer the records to the other place, and you promise to operate in coordination for adjustment.You must to internet access in legitimate way, if not, we will reserve the right to restrict your service; if you attack our server, we may close your IP address and delete your electromagnetic records.If you have any doubt concerning we deal with your records, you could apply for inquiry, however, you must provide, including but not limiter, the transaction information, name, ID, contact phone number and E-mail; besides, you understand and agree we only reserve the transaction records within the last six months.

Clause 5. Protect the Personal Information

Except for the judicial authorities with the request to provide personal information outside of the above, we will comply with the law or statute that concerning to protect the personal information, as well as, without your consent, we will keep secret for all the information that we obtained.

Clause 6. Restriction of Responsibility

  • Refunds

    You understand all of the MyCard points purchasing by the Service, when the points is stored to the Game Account, it’s mean that you have confirmed the result within the Service, and after the points were stored, your right and obligation shall be apply to the clause and rule of the Game, we could not restore the points or refund the money directly for you. However, you could apply for a refund to us, we will assistant you to inform the Game Company. For endeavor to complete your refunds application could be accepted by the Game Company, you shall apply to us within 45 days after purchased the points and according to our flow path and rules. Nevertheless, we do not guarantee that all the game company will accept your refunds application, because of your right and obligation about the points which were stored and it shall be apply to the clause and rule of the Game.

  • To Lock up MyCard Points

    When we have reasonable doubt that the user is in the situation of illegal, including but not limited there is someone to police to report a case that the points you purchased are involved in fraud or other criminal cases. Furthermore, you agree we could lock up your MyCard points, to work in coordination with government organization, and to provide your information to the prosecutors or the judiciary for investigating. As well as to wait and based on the results of the final judgment of Justice for deal with the MyCard points. Besides, if we could not to receive your payment by credit card or a way but not in cash, you agree we could lock up your MyCard points.

  • To Freeze the Account

    You understand all the MyCard points are purchased via the Service, if the cash flow industry and we could not receive your payment timely, we will provide related information to Game Company or service platform vendors, to assess whether to freeze your account or not. When you paid, please apply to MyCard Customer Service Online Reply System for unfreezing the Account.

  • Indemnification

    The MyCard points you purchased via the Service only applies to the game or service platform you choice. Any MyCard points were purchased through illegal path or transaction, we will ask for indemnification for all loss and cost, including but not limited liquidated damages, court costs, attorney fees, and court settlement and other related costs.

Clause 7. Miscellaneous

  • The content and related rules of the Service, please to inquire the Service website.

  • If any provision of this Agreement is held to be invalid, the remainder of this Agreement shall remain in effect.

  • If any disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be governed by and constructed in accordance with the laws of Taiwan (R.O.C.), and shall be brought to before the Taipei District Court of Taiwan for the first instance.